Revolution Shakespeare

Suit the action to the word, the word to the action

Revolution Shakespeare, based in Philadelphia, PA, invites audiences to experience the variety and vitality of Shakespeare's works with bold and honest productions at little to no cost for patrons.


Through music and mysticism, Macbeth explored passion and ambition in the streets of New Orleans. The production integrated a live, second line brass band into the world of castle Dunsinane and featured a Papa Legba-inspired character to link royalty with the ruinous underworld of the Bard’s famous witches. The diverse cast explored the timelessness and deep history of magic, so palpable in New Orleans.

Director: Allison Heishman

Lighting and Scenic Design: Matt Sharp

Costume Design: Jamie Grace-Duff

Props Design: Danielle Ferguson

Blood/Effects Design: Casey Paul

Music: The Red Hot Ramblers

Cast: Corinna Burns, Jared Michael Delaney, Holly Grum, Kevin Hoffmann, Aimé Donna Kelly, Dana Kreitz, Emily Moylan, Ben Harter-Murphy, Brandon Pierce, Sarah Schol, Griffin Stanton-Ameisen, James Tolbert