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Several names in Cymbeline have symbolic meanings.

  1. Posthumus Leonatus: Post (after) + humus (mortality) = dead.Leo (lion) + natus (born) = Born of a Lion. This soldier has earned a title fit for a king—or at least fit for a king's daughter's husband. The name signifies one who is mighty in life and in death.

  2. Imogen chooses the name Fidele for her male alter-ego. Fidele = faithful one.

  3. Queen is the only name given to the king's wife. She has no name in either the play or in history. Shakespeare's use of the name Queen is less an attempt to symbolize her role than it is an attempt to avoid placing unnecessary importance on the office of queen, since Shakespeare wrote this play for King James.

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  1. Cymbeline contains 3288 total lines; longer than the average Shakespearean play (which runs about: 2768.)

  2. Act II, scene v, and Act III, scene vii are the shortest of their kinds in the Canon (35 and 16 lines, respectively).

  3. Although listed in the First Folio of Shakespeare's plays as a "tragedy," the paradoxical work includes romantic elements of comedy that have made it historically impossible to categorize.

  4. Cymbeline unfolds over 27 scenes; more than Shakespeare's average of 21.

  5. 40 different characters make an appearance in Cymbeline. The average Shakespeare play has 35 characters.


The following Cymbeline memes were created by senior students at Haddonfield Memorial High School as part of a collaboration between Revolution Shakespeare and Haddonfield Memorial High School's English Department. Teacher Kimberly Dickstein challenged her students to connect the Cymbeline text to pop-culture imagery, resulting in the memes you see below.