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Tackling Titus: Charlotte Northeast

In anticipation of our all-female reading of Titus Andronicus, we asked some of the actors what it's like to work on an all-female Shakespeare. Here's what Charlotte Northeast had to say:

Photo by Kate Raines (Plate 3 Photography)

For what it's worth the image of "mama tiger" comes to mind for me.  I know that if anyone or anything ever hurt one of my own, there is no end to the violence I would inflict on them.  I think violence is not a woman's default but we have immense reserves of it and will unleash it if and when the situation is right.  The very act of giving birth is a violent upheaval of a woman's body - we literally have it in our bones. 

In 'Titus' I think that also rings true - the defense of one's own and the rage one feels when our children are harmed. Titus and Tamara share in that.

Charlotte played the role of MARCUS in our reading of Titus Andronicus.