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Revolution Shakespeare, based in Philadelphia, PA, invites audiences to experience the variety and vitality of Shakespeare's works with bold and honest productions at little to no cost for patrons.

Tackling Titus: Ife Foy

In anticipation of our all-female reading of Titus Andronicus, we asked some of the actors what it's like to work on an all-female Shakespeare. Here's what Ife Foy had to say:

I believe women are often seen as delicate, polite creatures who need to be cared for in ways that may or may not be aligned with who they are and how they move through society. Working on an all-female Titus is thrilling for many reasons, but one of them being Shakespeare never intended for women to play these roles. We often shun women who do not fit into society's cookie-cutter mold of delicacy and politeness, but women are powerful, divine creatures who fit into and create many molds that sustain and enhance life.

Ife played the role of AARON in our reading of Titus Andronicus.